A passion that starts from the soil

From the growing of the different varieties of grapes to the magic of the fermentation, to the wines that match the beauty of the landscape.


It’s my calling, based on my ideas and beliefs, it’s what I was born to do!!

Gabriele Vitali

With our family traditions of caring for the land, we are innovating and creating fine wines for the future.

We would like to thank our family, colleagues in the wine industry and our clients who have supported us over the years and helped us realize our dreams.

FIVI The trademark of the Italian Federation of Independent Wine Growers. This controls all the cultivation, harvesting and production of wine.

Tradition Innovation Quality

Production and sale of wines with a low environmental impact

Gabriele Vitali is the third generation to farm the land with his wife, Elisabetta. Gabriele trained as a land surveyor but joined the family business with a keen enthusiasm for wine making. He combines the traditional methods of viticulture with all the modern technological innovations to produce their range of award-winning wines.

The farm is still a mixed farm typical of rural Le Marche with 45 hectares, of which 20 hectares are vineyards. A glorious patchwork of fields with sunflowers, wheat for bread, farro for producing their own pasta, winter barley, vegetables, orchards of fruit and olive groves for extra virgin olive oil. This is truly the larder of Italy.

Primarily it is important to grow the best quality grapes but a particular focus is needed to produce fine wines.

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