Proud to be children of this land…

Casale Vitali was founded in 1968 by Alfredo Vitali and his son Giuliano. At the end of the feudal system they bought the house and surrounding land and the farming began.

At first, they concentrated on rearing livestock but, with the development of peach cultivation in the Aso valley, they diversified into fruit production and vineyards. In these early days their harvest of grapes was sold to local cantinas for the production of wine.

Gabriele Vitali is the third generation to farm the land with his wife, Elisabetta. Gabriele trained as a land surveyor but joined the family business with a keen enthusiasm for wine making. He combines the traditional methods of viticulture with all the modern technological innovations to produce their range of award-winning wines.

The farm is still a mixed farm typical of rural Le Marche with 45 hectares, of which 20 hectares are vineyards. A glorious patchwork of fields with sunflowers, wheat for bread, farro for producing their own pasta, winter barley, vegetables, orchards of fruit and olive groves for extra virgin olive oil. This is truly the larder of Italy.

Primarily it is important to grow the best quality grapes but a particular focus is needed to produce fine wines.

– Both mechanical harvesting and hand picking.
– Soft pressing, only using grapes from the first press.
– Temperature controlled fermentation.
– Storage of yeast fermentation, which is a natural antioxidant
– Undertake their own bottling, corking and labelling
– Sparkling wine corks are tied traditionally by hand.

Book a stay at the eco-escape Villa in the Vineyard just a short walk away from our cantina. Walk through the vineyards where we grow Pecorino, Sangiovese and Passerina grapes and see at first hand the cultivation of the vines and the harvest in the autumn.

Having seen the vines for yourself, you can then take a full tour of the winery and visit the cantina for tasting our full range of wines with delicious food.

Villa in the Vineyard offers one spacious apartment powered by renewables. It sleeps up to six adults with three bedrooms and three bathrooms, private pool, landscaped gardens and organic kitchen garden.